How can we understand something as complex and diverse as the spiritual and physical nature of our world?  Is it even possible to understand?


I can remember my first philosophy professor who said, “To get the right answer you must first ask the right question”. Well, what is the right question? I believe that it ‘s not a matter of understanding, but one of feeling. If we can feel our spiritual and physical nature then our understanding will follow naturally, because if we don't  - our time maybe at hand.


How do we go about finding this inner feeling?  Everyone must begin with self. We need a revelation of self on a global scale. And then and only then well man begin to solve his problems of inhumanities, prejudices and the destruction of his mother the earth.


Where does one begin? One must first ask oneself, do my concepts of reality have feelings? If not throw them away and begin your inner search of BEING.


If each individual can reach or even attempts to reach his inner BEING, humanity will become linked in a harmonious consciousness. This would be a step closer to a global revelation of self.


Jim Cain

Summer 1989




Spirits soaring through infinite space, ascending beyond

Physical haste, breaking the bonds of one with time

Piecing together images of the mind.......



Suddenly you’re startled from a bad dream, pulled into consciousness by Ariadnes string. A string that connects the intricate paths of the labyrinth that forms your past; in the quiet and still of the darkened room, your thoughts come quickly. Is there really a GOD? Is the UNIVERSE infinite? Where do I fit in? A feeling of uneasiness consumes your emotions. You’re lost to the insecurity of the moment. Slowly you turn your face to the pillow, waiting for the refuge of sleep....


There is a void in man's ability to understand his spiritual and spatial reality. The concepts of a SUPREME BEING and the UNIVERSE as we now define them are concepts that fill that void.


Creation is a theory that states that life originated through an act of the supernatural. This concept on the surface would suggest a beginning and an end. SUPREME BEING and UNIVERSE originated from where, from nothing, or from the human mind.


Evation is a theory that allows creation to evolve freely, with no limitations or expectations; this evolution is manifested through matter at various levels of evolvement. To fully understand EVATION one must DEMATERIALIZE their concept of matter.


What is this "MATTER" of which everything is made? And what are the forces that put it in motion? The rain falls, the wind blows and the lighting brightens the sky. We grow, we reproduce and we die. What are the forces behind this flow? Is it a single force or a force of GOD?


All that can be said about the subatomic particles discovered in the atom is that they are forces of energy. These forces of energy become "MATTER".  Our ultimate reality, which we have assumed to be "MATTER", becomes DEMATERIALIZED.


Physicists have identified many different subatomic particles from quarks to mesons to virtual particles. These particles are created by means of a huge accelerator, a circular machine with a circumference of several miles. Protons are accelerated to speeds of near the speed of light and are made to collide with other protons. This collision splits the proton creating the particles that are separated into categories of spin and trajectories relative to their path through a magnetic field. The accelerator is ironically the biggest machine built by man to study the smallest forces of energy known to man.


With the understanding that matter is but forces of energy and that our reality is but reflections of matter, matter becomes the focal point of existence at all levels of creation. EVATION is defined as the essence of PURE BEING or Evading the temptation of filler concepts and allowing creation to evolve to its potential, manifested through consciousness, at all levels of MATTER.


If one looks at the ocean as the sea of creation, its waves become a manifestation of its BEING. Where does the separation between the sea and the wave occur? We have two distinct entities, the sea and the wave. It would be difficult to imagine the wave without the sea or the sea with out the wave, one is but an extension of the other. Following this same premise, it is difficult to imagine consciousness without some form of matter or matter without some form of consciousness. It would appear that one is the extension of the other.


EVATION allows for the expansion of consciousness tying all matter in a universal link. Man has through creation, evolved to a level of awareness unlike a rock or even a galaxy but yet similar in its reflection of BEING. All matter needs to reflect its BEING spiritually. Without this reflection, matter becomes a swirling eddy in the sea of creation. In man's case, he becomes lost to his horizon, moving from one event to another.


Man has a strong need to understand his world, spiritually as well as physically. Because he has separated his spiritual BEING from his physical BEING he has lost his understanding of self as a whole. Man now looks to religions and science for guidance. His belief in strict dogma or pragmatic scientific discipline has created a tremendous void in his understanding of PURE BEING. He has been robbed of his cosmic identity.


Man throughout time has looked to prophets for spiritual guidance. A prophet is a religious disciple who has reached beyond his religious injunctions and prohibitions set down by the elders of his religion. He feels the need to go beyond the external laws and manipulations of human needs and desires. He seeks the essence of his inner BEING, his spiritual reflection of PURE BEING. With EVATION anyone can become a prophet because all matter has the answer to the spiritual realization of PURE BEING within, standing in time.


If one looks out on his own horizon, he sees reality only from his perspective. Reality is one of those words that have many definitions. Depending on your level of evolving matter, and the level of consciousness, yours or my definition of reality will define only reality from that perspective. This seems simple enough but throughout time, this has been the cause of confusion.


EVATION allows matter to evolve in time without the limitation of perspective reality. I feel that we all should accept the reality of matter and allow its true essence to express its BEING freely.  The beauty of a spider's web is in the essence of the spider. The beauty of man is likewise in the essence of man. All matter contains the essence of the web and of the man in its BEING.  


I have studied many disciplines in an attempt to understand what is meant by PURE BEING.  I found that each discipline pointed in the same direction. Each had a different name for PURE BEING but the ultimate goal was the same. I wanted to understand spiritually what this ultimate goal was. I had always felt that there was a linking force to existence, and that I was part of that force.


  I can remember vividly my first experience with PURE BEING. It was during a deep meditative session. I usually reached a quiet level very quickly, where all thought stopped and time had no meaning. On this occasion, I felt a vibration, or I became a vibration, it was difficult to distinguish. The vibration began to oscillate at higher and than lower frequency. In an instant my BEING became still. I felted as if I had become one-dimensional. As quickly as I felt this, surges of energy seem to engulf my BEING. I heard or sensed a loud sound and at that moment, I became PURE BEING. I had no sense of self only that of being part of something that seemed to be forever. From that time on, I have had a desire to become that FOREVER:


This description can best be described as my spiritual understanding of PURE BEING. To describe such a personal inner experience with words is very limiting. Words are products of linear thinking and are very subjective. They are influenced by environmental and cultural experiences. Eastern mystics have known for centuries that words are inaccurate descriptions. For that reason, many philosophies have used myths, symbols and poetic images to express their inner feelings.


The twentieth century has brought with it the new age mystic, the theoretical physicist. He has reached levels of experience that is very difficult to describe through words. In many cases physicist have found symbols or poetic expressions as the only means of expression.


With the concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics’, the physicist becomes lost to expression when trying to describe the duality of the subatomic particles as well as the duality of light. Each depending on what question is asked can be either a wave or a particle. It is equally difficult to describe the space-time continuum, which exist in the fourth dimension, because man's sensory organs exist in a three dimensional world.


Einstein may have expressed this best when after struggling with the general theory of relativity he wrote: “The years of groping in the dark for a truth that one feels but cannot express, the intense desire and the alternations of confidence and misgiving until one breaks through to clarity and understanding are known only to him who has himself experienced them."


Because it is impossible for the FINITE to comprehend the INFINITE, PURE BEING must be experienced and not understood. With the DEMATERIALIZATION of MATTER and the understanding that the universal force of consciousness is PURE BEING, the journey inward into your BLISS will have begun.


Unfortunately our Bliss has been filtered out of our reality to the extent that we have become like fish swimming in the ocean oblivious to the water. As the current changes, our reality changes. Man creates the currents in an attempt at controlling the ebb and flow of his perceived reality. The beauty of a universal BLISS is obscured and lost to the current. Man's strongest current is TIME. Through EVATION, one would experience time as the equivalent, in fact the quintessence, of consciousness. Both are but one in the same, manifestations of PURE BEING.


With EVATION as a guiding light and the understanding that we are all but waves on the sea of creation, BEING can be experienced from the same horizon. Symbols, myths and poetic expressions would be of no value. Creation will have evolved to its potential.




Times Window

I detest the turbulent sea of being and non being

And long for a mountain of bliss untouched

By the currents of time...........



If you can imagine yourself above the earth, looking upon this oasis in space. You will surely see the beauty and understand the essence of your past. “Suddenly in the blink of an eye the earth has vanished. You are alone with only your bag of concepts, what horizon do you choose? The possibilities are unlimited. Matter continues to evolve. The only thing that has changed is your sense of reality”.


Man finds it difficult to comprehend the variability of TIME, so he creates units of TIME. It was easy at first, day and night then moon to moon, the counting of the days while watching the stars cycle in what is called a year. Man was beginning to lose touch with the true reality of BEING.


You’re probably thinking that the world would be very chaotic without TIME units. It would be, but you must remember our world as humans was created over a short TIME span of around 35,000 years. Before that period, the possibilities were unlimited. It took millions of years to prepare and condition matter and consciousness for man to evolve.


When you consider the age of the universe, as we now know it (the current scientific theory that the universe is over 20 billion years old) an intellectual understanding comes easy enough. We know how many zeros to place after the 20 when we mean billions. The problem is getting it into the gut, a spiritual understanding.


This level of TIME is so alien to our reality that we can only understand it through metaphors, e.g. creation, evolution, etc. EVATION allows for this level of TIME because TIME is EVATION, creation evolving to its potential.


Time is very difficult to discuss in away that is meaningful, because TIME is relative to the horizon from which its observed. When we use the word TIME, it refers to at least two different phenomena, both quite distinct and confusing. One is REAL TIME or CYCLIC TIME. The other is SUBJECTIVE TIME or LINEAR TIME.


Cyclic TIME can best be explained when compared to nature. In nature, cyclic time is the synchronizing of two spatial events. The synchronizing of a clock to the sun correlates the movement of both. The rotation of the earth on its axis synchronizes the hours of the day. With cyclic TIME, this correlation is void outside of the system. Once you leave the system your real TIME will change. All of nature   is cyclic, from day to day, birth to birth, season to season the cycle continues.



Linear TIME or what maybe call conscious TIME can best be explained when compared to the Judeo-Christian idea of TIME. The Judeo-Christian concept of creation is linear. God created the universe then the earth with all of the creatures of Eden including Adam and Eve. Life continues until death and then you enter the Kingdom of Heaven or if your one of the many unfortunates, the Kingdom of Hell to live for eternity. 


For thousands of years mankind organized his life to the cycles of nature. As his horizons changed so did his concept of TIME. Because of the Judeo-Christian belief that nature is evil and that man is above nature, linear TIME has dominated his thinking and has pushed him further away from nature. For man to exist as he does at present, linear TIME is a must.


With EVATION, the dichotomy is pointless. Granted, we must live with the TIME of our horizon but understand that the link that ties all matter in a universal consciousness, exits in whatever position we take. If we consider what form time will take 35,000 years in the future, what may that form be?                                



To conclude the idea of LINEAR TIME versus CYCLIC TIME, I would like to suggest this thought. CYCLIC TIME is a metaphor that expresses the flow of matter in a natural or simple series of events. Like TIME on an analog watch. LINEAR TIME occurs when there is an unusual event that disrupts the cyclic flow of matter. Lets say that the Big Bang was one unusual event in the natural flow of matter and the formation of the planet Earth was another. LINEAR TIME would be the TIME between the events. Analogous to the flow of TIME on a digital watch. 


LINEAR TIME and CYCLIC TIME are only two categories of invented metaphors of TIME. The idea of TIME changes as cultural and environmental influences interact with a person and their environment. Man's conscious mind appears to be a time-continuum, which stores external objects and events. The birds sing while the wind blows cool, these external stimuli activate sensations in the consciousness and are stored as TIME events. This suggests that if there were no consciousness, there could be no TIME.


The concept of TIME is very important in understanding EVATION. TIME through its many manifestations in thought and experience, seems somehow to tease us, locked as we are in our own particular place in TIME. Yet TIME is magical. TIME is now. TIME is EVATION.





Extracting the secrets and precious essence

From your womb......until like a flower I

Bloom......a transmutation of rebirth...

A reflection of mother EARTH.....



People of the world it is time to face reality and take your egotistical heads out of your immortal fantasies and realize that you are citizens of earth soaring through space on a finite ship of life. Can you contemplate the meaning of eternity and grasp the condition of MOTHER EARTH?


The time has come for man to cast off the relics of antiquity and push aside the filler concepts of past ages. He must realize his spiritual and physical BEING as being the reflection of his mother, the EARTH.


Before the creation of man, the EARTH existed in its purity. A spiritual and physical reflection of the SUN. The EARTH has evolved through creation to reflect its BEING through a myriad of reflections. These reflections are manifested as NATURE.


The ubiquitous linking of all MATTER to the evolution of consciousness suggests that MAN and all things of the EARTH are in a conscious link. Just looking at the world around you would suggest this. The forces of NATURE are the filaments of this conscious link. They permeate all things of the EARTH, including MAN.


The spiritual and physical force of the EARTH’S BEING crystallized in its womb to give birth to man. The crystals of EARTH arise spontaneously and replicate themselves in a stable manner. These crystals carry the message of life. Man becomes a body of crystallized clay that has evolved over the ages to a new horizon.   


NATURE reaches out with a beauty and force that is overwhelming and consuming. The beauty of a winter sunset cascading off deserts sand can fill your spirit with joy. The force of magma erupting from the mountaintop can send shivers down your spine.


Man has been conditioned to respond to the filaments of NATURE over thousands of years. How he perceives the reality of the sunset or the magma flow will depend on his evolving consciousness.



The mystics and shamans of past ages were in touch with the filaments of NATURE. The unseen powers of the spirit world guided their lives. They revered the spirit world as a reflection of their BEING. The Alchemist viewed the EARTH and man as reflections of each the other. He believed that whatever was in one must be in the other.


His attempts at the transmutation of lesser metals to gold were symbolic; in fact he was in search of his PURE BEING, a oneness with creation. Some historians have viewed this transmutation as a means for quick wealth. I believe it was symbolic and of a spiritual nature.


The alchemist believed that gold had an inward and outward reality, the essence of which was the same as the EARTH'S mother, the SUN. To attain the purity of gold was too attain the purity of pure being.


Over the ages, as man's being continued to evolve, there where periods of darkness in his reflection of PURE BEING. Because he is locked in a singular system from which he views the world, he believed that he was the center of the universe.


In taking this egocentric attitude seriously, he began to make aristocentric claims. He began to believe that he was special and insisted that he was the chosen one. He believed that his existence was graced with powers given only to him. He also fell prey to linear time. He felt that reality began at his beginning and events before had no meaning. With these egocentric attitudes he became lost to linear time, and attempted to control his NATURE.


The comparing of NATURE to a machine was one of man's biggest mistakes. He failed to see the flexibility of NATURE as compared to the rigidity of a machine. When a machine malfunctions it continues to malfunction until it is turned off or until it quits working, it never attempts to adjust on its own.


NATURE on the other hand is a very dynamic system. It compensates for malfunctions and continues to function as a whole system. Machines tend to USE A LOT of the earths resources to produce a little where, the EARTH is very flexible in that it can use a little to SAVE A LOT.


The Big difference between the machine and NATURE is their level of evolving MATTER. The EARTH is a conscious entity that has evolved further on the conscious level of PURE BEING and the machine is but a reflection of its BEING.


Man, because of his egocentric attitudes failed to see the conscious nature of EARTH and placed it at the same level of the machine. He became like a fish swimming in the ocean of the EARTH'S consciousness oblivious to its water.


Man has reached the most critical period of his evolution. He stands at the threshold of his BEING and is still controlled by the filler concepts of past ages. His egocentric and aristocentric beliefs have blinded him to the true reality of his BEING.


Man must develop an attitude of harmony with NATURE, not one of control. This will lead to a better relationship with his mother, the EARTH and hopefully a world consciousness will develop. Until man can recognize himself as a CITIZEN of the EARTH and not that of some boundary devised ages ago, he will remain locked in the womb of the EARTH until the WOMB becomes his TOMB.....BEING will continue to evolve....without MAN!




Sailors of the cosmic sea, sail your ships

Into ecstasy. Let the winds of being guide

Your way, through the darkness into the bay,

Sailors of the cosmic way.........



Since man's self-perception, he has been obsessed with his reality. He has searched his inward consciousness and explored his outer world in an attempt at understanding the essence of his BEING.


With EVATION as a guiding light man can achieve a spiritual as well as a physical understanding of his BEING. He must DEMATERIALIZE his concept of matter and except creation as the evolution of consciousness at all levels of matter, because matter is but a reflection of PURE BEING.


EVATION allows matter to exist at all levels of creation. Man has evolved from the EARTH as the EARTH has evolved from the SUN. The SUN has evolved from within its galactic sphere as the GALAXY has evolved from within the UNIVERSAL reality. Each level of matter reflects its own reality from its own perspective of creation.


All of creation continues to evolve from one form of matter to another. Just as the SUN may some day become a SUPERNOVA or the EARTH a planet without Man. Matter continues to evolve following its own inherent plan.


The key to understanding reality is not an intellectual understanding but a spiritual feeling, a oneness with creation.....PURE BEING. 





I ask at this time that the reader come along with me on a voyage of BEING. We will embark from within the mind, seeing with the mind's eye.  First, we must accept our position in time and space as the center of our BEING; we can look inward into the microcosm or outward into the macrocosm. On this voyage, we begin our journey inward, into the microcosm.


 Turning inward passing beyond the building blocks of our physical being, the proteins and nucleotides, we pass large molecules dispersed on the horizon. The horizon appears to reach into infinity; a void of darkness as cold and empty as a womb devoid of purpose. 


As we enter the world of atoms, we are pulled like sailors trapped in a vortex being drawn into its nucleus. As we speed toward and beyond the nucleus, electrons hum with the force of being, a melodious harmony that permeates the darkness.


From nowhere appear quarks; blue, bottom and charmed quarks spinning as a whirling Dervish might spin in search of ecstasy; dancing to the melodious harmony that permeates the darkness. Seduced by their eloquent chaotic spin, we enter their realm of ecstasy.


The force of the virtual particles blinds us as they appear from nothing and then vanish with a brilliant flash of light; as if life and death are but ephemeral flashes formed from the ether to add beauty to its darkness.  This force causes a feeling of oneness, a shared being, an understanding of purpose, an ecstasy.


 Instantly we are absorbed into a vibration, a magical dance pushed through the vortex at the speed of light; moving and yet not moving into the macrocosm.  The feeling of oneness disperses into the darkness; a darkness not of a cold and empty void, but one of purpose.


Ahead into the distance, patches of light flicker as a beacon; guiding us toward the center of our BEING. As we approach the light, it increases in size and luminosity. A mass of innumerable stars, planted together in clusters, fills the horizon.


 As we enter the clustered mass, billions of stars surround us. Just as the spirited electrons hummed its harmony, each star reminiscent of the sun hums with energy of being. As we approach our Sun, the orbiting planets seem small, but beautiful.


As we approach Earth, the blueness of its atmosphere with its swirling white clouds engulfs us. The continents and seas become visible as we approach the center of our BEING; a body of crystallized clay that has evolved over the ages to a new horizon.  We have come FULL CIRCLE.  


© 1989 Jim Cain