Fin` Amors

Like the lambent flicker of a scented candle
Your beauty wafts on a wisp of lavender
So subtle its fragrance ripples through eternity

To taste the wine that is your lips or
To touch the passion that is your body
Is to desecrate the purity of your image

I like the nightingale or ubiquitous cicada
Must turn my songs into silence
Muted by winters chastity

For your name Fin' Amors is but a word
Lost within the depth of your Soul
A distant love a fount of poetry

A Philosophers Stone so cherished
In the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine
Its alchemical powers a Rosetta Stone

There can be no emptiness in my solitude
For your memory fills my every moment
The flames upon my earthly pyre

Can heaven hold your blissful beauty
Oh I say your Bliss is but the beauty of heaven
Unleashed upon this earthly realm..