The Boy Within

Voices can be heard from beyond
The boundaries of memories
To extend into the void of the
Beginning....Birth and death
The beginning the end
Of nothing

Faint sounds of pleasure or pain
Non-distinct wax and wane
From beyond the door
Forcing images once observed
Through an open window
Their shadows more real
Than that which is real

Birds flying in blue bliss
Circling the old oak
That stands like God among fools
Father screams as snakes move
In delirium across his mind
I run naked in shame
Seeking bliss in the arms of god
While the birds laugh at the fool

From this lofty perch I dream
The dreams of child in search
Of visions beyond memories
I dream of things soft and light
Reaching out into the blue void
That shrouds the mighty oak I falter
Falling slowly through the arms
Of God, unguided into the throes of
(I shield the boy in darkness)

© 2009 Jim Cain