As I enter the elevator in the parking garage...level B
The doors slowly close behind me
The loneliness of the walls push against my fear
If only I could believe in a benevolent God
Or cast a spell to right the wrong
Of this I dream
I turn to face the closing doors
And a panel of buttons from A to G
And one that reads ”Parnassus” ground floor
Parnassus! the sacred mountain of Apollo
God of the Sun sorcerer of prophesy
Herald of medicine voice of poetry
Could this be the answer to my dream
I push the button and the elevator begins to rise
Rising to the summit of my fear
Pulling me up to face this truth
This reality I secretly want to ignore
To hide never to step out of this elevator
Moving up and down
Wrapped in the numbness
Of these four walls
And as the elevator stops
And the doors slowly open
A cluster of light beams
Between the doors
As I step out to face this truth
Your eyes open in a twilight squint
As I enter your room and call your name
What must it be like
To see light flicker through squinted eyes
Hearing voices softly call your name
Feeling the warm touch of hands rub your skin
Inviting you into their world
Your eyes close as you fall back into the darkness
Of your timeless world
A subtle cough clears the mucous from the tube
That reaches to your lungs...
I walk to the window staring out from the ninth floor
Looking down from Mount Parnassus
The magical mountain
Of Apollo...

© 1998 Jim Cain