Even Fall Has A Snowman

The cold early morning
Lies dormant beneath
A layer of leaves
Fallen thick and poignant
Like rain from a graying sky

So bitter the northerly wind
Blows across his heart
As he watches the autumn sun
Burn leaves into a mosaic
Crimson of faded light

He sits in silent motion
Beneath a quivering oak
Reflecting the chaste images
Of summers past

How cruel these autumn months
Full of dull faded shadows
Stretched lifelessly across
The weeping landscape
Of ephemeral days
Into nights so empty
And unbearably long

He watches a leaf waft
On the thick cold air
Surrendering to the bronzed
Earth a life that once graced
The beauty of spring
Now leaving the old oak
standing so bare

Even Fall has a snowman

© 2004 Jim Cain