The Beauty of Memory

The beauty of memory
Without a connection
To the present - is so painful
It floods into your being
With so much regret
And sadness
Sadness in that it can not
Be shared - regret
In that it harbors guilt
Today is the eighty fifth
Cycle of your creation –
Now eight cycles beyond
The past tense
Of your presence
I lament in the joy
Of your birth
Crying while smiling
How can I not love
That which begot
All that I am
How can I not laugh
At all that is memory
And feel sadness
How can I not regret
The illusions of want
And hug your image
You are the source
Of my being
And I do feel…
And I will always feel
The last pulsating beat
Of your comforting heart
The outreached
Tip of my Being….

© 2008 Jim Cain