Love Is Not Lost!

The mid January cold
Sparkles limpid along
The river's edge
As morning light
Gathering warmth
Becomes dawn
The dark silence
Of night
Lifts its weight
From the landscape
And slips into memory

If you listen
You can hear steelheads'
Cresting-swirls splash
Beyond river licked stones
And imagine the
Subtle hiss of a
Quiescent Diamondback
Stir below last years
humus of decay

An old digger pine
Bends forked and
Crooked as sun light
Caresses its thistles
With honeysuckle thirst
And moon-like romance
Melting flakes of frost
From its bare spindled
Arms embracing
The morning

I stare beyond
the fading star-scape
of belted Orion
Beyond the swirling
Clouds of Jupiter
pulled into the
distance of memory
Until your reflection
Permeates the beauty
Of the morning
And I find wisdom
In the moment
And love is not lost

© 2010 Jim Cain