Insidious Night

The opaqueness of night
Gathers beyond the window
Forcing light into
Submissive obedience
As I hear the laughter
Of children playing
In the loft of an old barn
Some 60 years ago
Their laughter echoing
Through the dark window
Reflecting images
From so long ago
Images of a young girl
Forced beyond the ledge
Of truth and uncertainty
Falling to the hard reality
Of becoming a woman
As her youth shatters
Like fragile bone
Decimated by
The hard reality
Of a life

How bright sorrow glows
In mourning ember pain
Melting rainbows
With salt licked rain
A deluge of memory
Cascading across time
A tidal surge of eternity
Lapping upon the mind

A moment of solace
I toast with wine

© 2013 Jim Cain