Perfect Imperfection

The world shook today
as I gazed at the photograph
like biting into something sweet
only to find rancid meat

We were all there at the banquet
gathered around the dinner table
when he walked over with his photograph
showing it only to Mary

He was so happy sharing that photograph
I could feel the happiness from across the table
It must have been something special
Maybe a vacation spot or a new baby

When I saw him the next day
I asked about the photograph
He said it was a photograph of his son
and that Mary had been his nurse

Oh I said do you have a photograph
that I can see With some hesitation
he took a photograph from his wallet
and as I gazed at the photograph

That sweet preconceived image
that I wanted to see was shattered
What I saw was a smiling young boy
with Muscular Dystrophy

At that moment I realized that perfect images
are but illusions created by an imperfect mind
and that the photograph of the smiling young boy
was a perfect imperfection

© 1998 Jim Cain