The Ant And Uncertainty

An ant crossed my path today as I meandered
through a meadow of scrub oaks
and blackberry brambles.

He emerged from the dry summer weeds
carrying a large umbrella shaped bristle
in huge black mandibles.

He moved in a jerky gait across the hot sand
and scattered debris that laid like obstacles
across his path.

As he approached a small opening in the ground
he turned and backed into its darkness,
and the large white bristle slid effortlessly inward.

I stood there staring into the darkness of his world,
knowing that he was more than instinctual,
that he was conscious, and aware.

And that something can not be created from nothing,
that nothing can exist without consciousness,
to be unconscious is to not exist.

And that the universe is but consciousness spread across
the hot sand and broken shards of itself
the beginning of creation, the beginning of consciousness.

I felt as if I had looked into the heart of the universe,
and its heart was beating within the Ant
as our paths crossed into uncertainty.

2004 Jim Cain