Crack! Crack!

A sudden burst of sound and light
From the thickness screams by my head
Hitting a tree and sending bark across my face
I return fire into the thickness at my front
And hear a burst of death
Tap! tap! from friendly fire on my right
While the crack! crack!
Continues from the thickness at my front
Others fire into the thickness
As the Lieutenant pulls
The pin of a grenade
Tossing it into the thickness
It hits a tree bouncing back
Exploding into a soldierís neck
I hear a large explosion
And cries of ďIím hit! Iím hit!Ē
I try to move to my right
And the tap! tap! of death is heard
And I fall back into the jungle decay and wait.
The medic frozen in fear cannot move
A solder near moves forward removing his scarf
Saving the blood from the wounded neck
I crawl slowly back through the jungle decay
As the FNG sits with gun and cries,
ďI didnít know you were thereĒ
He did not see for fear is blind
And itís okay
This time

© 2006 Jim Cain