Blind Patriotism

Condensated thoughts
trickle through
the convoluted
corridors of my mind,
forming the shaped
outlines and imagery
of the man that I am.
A collection of
choices coalesced
into thoughts as
abstract as space and time;
choices to be accepted
or rejected based upon
choices made.
Choices made in a
world of vaporous
visions of insanity
that vacillate
before my eyes;
Infused with a sense
of reality that
I can only despise.
Immersed in a sea of
morality as morbid and insidious
as pustular ulcers upon the
face of beauty.
A morality that bleeds
in Jungle Rot
until the stench of death
like apathy in the
hearts of children
congeal into a scab
that suffocates
all that is real.
A vaporous vision
of deception and
lies, conceals
the stench of death
and misery that cries;
hidden in the vague
realities of religions,
and consummated in the
fertile fields of racism,
to be shrouded
in blind patriotism.

2006 Jim Cain