Old Yellow School Bus

The smell of diesel coughs from
The exhaust pipe of an old yellow school bus
Moaning in a low rumble
Choking black pajamas filled
With the flesh of memories so raw
The wound may never heal

This old yellow school bus
Carrying young children to and from school
Now transports me with its smell of diesel
Rising in the sooty cloud of burning shit
That fills the latrines scattered over the
Landscape of scarred and pitted beauty

This old yellow school bus
Belching black smoke as liquid as napalm
Falling like tears from hell
Wrapping my body in a plasma shroud
Of heat so intense I can not
See nor breathe

This omnibus of memory
Sits idling in the hot august sun
Wrapped in its tarnished yellow skin
Waiting to be pulled from its subconscious death
Like stars rising from their sunlit grave
Into the coolness of the summer night...

1996 Jim Cain