The Stains Within

Images of incomplete stories
no beginnings or ends
Just images as I jump
from the huey’s open door
Onto a hot LZ and run ten feet
or more falling on dry
elephant grass firing into the distance
Creating cover as more hueys return with soldiers
Who will jump until their last.
The tall elephant grass goes up in a blaze
From rocket fire which we must now evade
We run for higher ground and wait
For the blaze to still
Then walk single file through
The burned out ash into the hills
In the morning hours a chopping sound is heard
A four-man patrol heads out to observe
They returned with weapons
And personal items they retrieve
From four dead VC they killed with ease
A wallet with pictures of family and friends
A bullet hole through its middle
With blood stains within
The contents dispersed amongst the men
And when I think about that wallet
I think about
The stains within...

© 2006 Jim Cain