I Saw Death

A Forced evacuation for reasons unknown
Calling of choppers to our landing zone
Told the hueys are too far away
Only chopper available is a Loach
And itís on its way
The Loach is small capacity of six
Itíll take a few trips
The evacuation will not be quick
Huddled down in the tall green grass
As the Loach hovers above the verdant mat
I watch and listen as the chopper moans
The rotor wobbles and bends
From the excessive load
Just as the soldier next to me
Stands in its path, he didnít know
I watched in slow motion
From the tall grassy shade
Watching his head fly
Fly away
I was hesitant to go
But I ran to his side
He was lying on his back
And still alive
His helmet saved him
From the arrant blade
I found it dented and scarred
Lying in its would be grave
I saw death
And he saw stars

© 2006 Jim Cain