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Southern Pacific's Sacramento Yard

Located in the Northwest corner of downtown Sacramento, CA is the Southern Pacific's Sacramento shops and yard. This yard is shared with the California State Railroad Museum, where they restore many a vessel. Sacramento is where it all started for the SP, in my opinion. Originally as Central Pacific, they started laying track in Sacramento back in January of 1863, heading for Donner Pass. There are plenty of sites in the area aside from the yard, and I have some pages on a few of those below. This is just one. Input is highly appreciated and welcome.

NEWS: Part of Sacramento rail-history has ended as of this November 1st. Elvas Tower which has been in operation continuously since 1911, was shut down and cut out of the UP (xSP) system for good. Fortunately UP gave the entire tower(!) to the CSRM, and they are planning to relocate it down by their museum near the mainline. Just how much of it they get there and HOW will be interesting and look forward to some images of that here soon!
IF YOU KNOW ANY History of these various buildings/tower/structures.. like when they were built, or what they are called/purpose is.. please let me know because I'd like to have that in here as well.
All photos copyright 1998,1999 R.Cain. You may use/print with permission. Photos not taken by me have been noted (none yet).

Other Rail stuff in Sacramento
NEW Nov 12th: Elvas's last stand

Buildings and Structures
NEW Nov 11th: REA Update.

Trains and MoW

Other Miscellaneous Photos

Railfair, excursions, etc...

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For a satellite view of the yard circa 1993, click HERE.
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