Dear Jim


It’s Friday and I‘m just now hearing about the funeral and memorial from Zak. We’re crying a lot to day. So many memories, but not nearly enough. I am not surprised that so many people came together to grieve Ryan’s Death, as he was a truly unique and special individual. What can I possibly say that will let you know how heartsick I am that Ryan is gone. I want you to know how much I loved your son. He was such a big part of our lives, so important, I’ll miss him forever.


You  must know already, but just in case you’ve forgotten, you were the coolest parent in the old neighborhood. What other kid had a cat with a reverse Mohawk and spun out skater garb and fun computer stuff. Ryan and Zak had tons of fun together. I remember heaps of laughter and them calling each other “poo poo head”. I called Ryan “potato”, after that mentally ill guy stole his 4th bike and as he pulled away said “you potato”. That still makes me laugh. Ryan’s underdog humor always cracked me up. He’d spare no expense to himself to get a laugh.


Thank you Jim for bringing Ryan into our lives. His impact upon this world will be evident for evermore.


With tears and love

BJ Solberg



I would love to hear from anyone who knew Ryan,
please send email to:
Jim Cain