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When Ryan loved he put his whole heart and imagination into it! His "Love story" is very "R" rated and shows Ryan's ability to paint with his imagination. I found some old practice tapes of Ryan's that show his varying taste in music. He began studying piano when he was 8 years old. He formed two bands while in high school playing the guitar and he played electric Piano with a Ska band called, Filibuster.

Classical"1989" Piano Jalopy"1992" Guitar Filibuster"1994" Organ
Ryan's Posters
Ryan's Notes
Love Story "1994"
Baby Photo
Skunk Train"1980"
Desolation"1983" Rogue River"1985"
Assorted Photo's
Letter from BJ Ryan's Girls
Herbie the Ant
Valiant Photo Valiant Photo
Valiant Photo

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