A romantic Novel/Essay

By Colin Cardnial




Dear Nej,


          I broke out the good pen and paper to produce a sincere 10th anniversary present for you.  The current date and time is 12-09-94 at 01:04 hours.  I am watching your show, “Conan O’Brien.”   I realize, of course, that our  “monthly-versary” is on the 8th and that I’m a day late.  Well, I am truly sorry, and was having a bad day in general.  I love you and you SHOULD know that, but you act differently.  I make stupid decisions sometimes and you know that, but I’m sorry it had to be yesterday.  Those things you said in front of your house, however, were mean.  We have both done mean things to each other and you know it’s true!  We are always sorry and, or forgive in the end though! (This girl on “Conan” is very funny!!)


I am glad you had fun at the basketball game last night, but as long as you never feel the same about me for flaking, I will never-ever feel the same about you for going on a date with that Ben Faggot!  You already knew that of all the guys you “hang-out” with, I don’t like you being with him because you are very suspicious about him.  I can somewhat understand, if you did it out of revenge-type motive, but you showed no such feelings.  I do however; know what kind of car he drives, so I’m somewhat happier.  I’m not going to even get into you inviting him into our dad’s house while you two were all alone.  I will quit the ramblings, but lets say that if I did that to you, you would be fifty times madder at me than you were!  Admit it!


Anyways, I still love you unconditionally.


Love 4-Ever,


Colin Cardnial






It was a bitterly cold day in December as the sun was rising over Sacramento, California.  The fresh solar rays were just beginning to sink into 4909 Summertree Court, the home of the beautiful and young Shannon Jones.  Shannon was in a deep sleep, dreaming of her boyfriend Colin, until the loud, annoying drone of the alarm clock took her body away, and dropped her under a foot-thick comforter on a little white bed.


Peeling back the covers, sleepy Shannon climbed out of bed like she does every weekday morn, and headed to the bathroom.  She appeared to be hugging herself as she reached around to pull off her thick, “comfy”, sweatshirt she slept in.  Her naked breasts trembled as she dropped the sweater, and her nipples protruded into the cold air.  As she kicked off her panties, she stood there innocent and nude, adjusting the water to her temperature of preference.  She stepped her long, muscular legs into the tub, and activate the shower mechanism.  The steaming water splashed against her flesh, immediately receding all the goose pimples that had flocked across her skin.  Sliding the smooth bar of soap across her body was an everyday procedure for Shannon, but what a rare, erotic beauty it was.


Her fourth year in high school gave her the highest title of senior.  She arrived on campus at about 8:05 am, a little late, so she tried extra hard that day.  Shannon had many friends at school, but all she thought about was how she was going to Colin’s house at noon, when she got out of school.


Colin was a daunting young lad who was deeply in love with Shannon.  He had been under a lot of stress lately, due to his housing and financial situations.  He had been up late the night before writing his sweetheart a letter.  Colin was making lunch for two, when the doorbell rang.  Shannon had arrived.


Colin escorted Shannon to his room, where he gave her a little letter he had written her.  Completely engulfed in the letter, Shannon didn’t at first notice Colin caressing her back and neck. The further she read into the letter the more passionate Colin’s strokes became.  He ran his fingers through her satiny clove hair and kissed her neck, running his tongue across the nape.  Colin loved her nose.  He would spend an eternity rubbing his nose against hers.  It was so smooth and soft and sometimes a little nippy on the tip.  He caressed her legs all over with the very tips of his fingers, running them up her skirt to her hips and thighs, then sliding them down deep insider her inner thighs ever so slowly.  As she laid back stretching her long shapely body across Colin’s bed, he tickled her ribs and arms while removing her shirt.  Bathing her in kisses all across her luscious bosom, she violently yanked his shirt off and rubbed his chest passionately.   Using his teeth, he undid her pants and pulled them off, kissing her legs all the way down her deep, tanned legs.  The trip back up, however, was a slow passionate example of Colin’s desire to please Shannon.  Kissing and sucking along her slender ankles, gliding up to her pleasantly shaped calves, then orally massaging her inner thighs while caressing the rest of her body as she slowly spread her legs a bit.


She pulled him up to her and they began kissing wildly.  Their tongues exchanged greetings many times in many different ways.  Colin sucked her lower lip and slid his hand down to her other lower lip.  She arched her neck and Colin examines her beautiful body in the lingerie but quickly and smoothly removes her bra with a single hand, while caressing with the other.  Her voluptuous mounds, perfectly compliment her body with her high shapely hips that make Colin want to drool. Colin’s tongue immediately dives toward her erect nipples and laps at them like a thirsty feline.  At this point, he is as hard as a rock.  Shannon reaches out and takes off his pants, and fondles his manhood.  Pushing him down, she removes her panties and gets on Colin and whisper “Hi-Ho Silver” in his ear.  She straddles him and begins the ride.  Rubbing each other all over, Shannon comes all around Colin’s manhood, at which point they roll over and Colin starts pounding in and out of her slippery wet pleasure.  The cold air is hardly noticeable as she wraps her legs around Colin like she was holding on for her life, then suddenly spreading them apart, as far as they will go.  She asks Colin, “Are you going to come?”

“Yes!” he exhales “have you?” “like 3 tiimmes”, she blurts out.


She grabs onto his ass as the relentless thrusting pumps the endorphins through their bodies.  Finally, Colin starts moaning things and whips his glistening cock out, and Shannon immediately grabs it and starts slowly stroking it back and forth until the creamy white potion shoots onto her sweating tits and stomach.


“Oh my god,” Shannon says, “Baby!”


Colin wipes up and lies down next to her and tickles her all over.  Their bodies pressed together, curved to each other, Colin whispers into Shannon’s ear about how lunch is cold now, so he will take her out to a nice Mexican place after they worked up an appetite like that.   


The End!



About the Author:

Colin Cardnial is a computer hacker who loves his girlfriend very, very much and gets hurt very very bad by her all the time, but would never love her less or breakup with her because she is perfect for him.  He, however, doesn’t get the same “impression” from her.  Oh well! At least he tried.



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