Old Man Thomas

Old man Thomas who laughs with a frown
only yesterday a boy a man and now
gray of hair that misses his brow
sunken eyes that stare that glare...down

His frame so twisted and frayed by time
bent and dwarfed like an ocean pine
clinging to memories etched on his mind
a portrait of endurance sketched from lines

Old man Thomas the man was a boy
laughed and cried and played with toys
his world was quaint and filled with joy
old man Thomas loved that boy

His life so free and dreams so grand
what reason to end he could not understand
with one boyish try at a futile stand
overwhelmed by humanity he became a man

Old man Thomas the soldier the war
drafted into service he knew no more
honor and dignity the nation implored
reverence to life a pledge to scorn

Engaged in a battle of internal strife
shrouded in darkness as bleak as a moonless night
forced into a position of flight or fight
old man Thomas he took a life

Old man Thomas the soldier and change
formed from the blood stained mud ordained
by god and country near insane
the life he took and his the same

An empty shell that move through space
a victim of ignorance formed by fate
whose dreams were lost to the muddied lake
filled with life never to consecrate

Old man Thomas it's clear as to why
you laugh with a frown; so you don't cry