Straightaway Stare

She walked along the park every morning
Her gait so fluid and stare so straight
Iím not sure why I was attracted to her
The way she moved or how she looked
So many people walked along the park
But her She caught my attention
Not in a sexual way
Although she was very attractive
Mid-twenties thin with long ebony hair
And dark skin probably east Indian
There were many other women
Walking along the park
Yet none moved me as she did
I was puzzled at the connection
Every morning I would look for her
And wonder what connect me to her
Two people who have never met
One totally unaware of the other
I began to think of other things
That moved my curiosity
Hoping that I could find a connection
Salvador Dali and his surrealism
Thomas Mann and his Magic Mountain
Quantum Mechanics and its microcosmic world
Sidling leaves in the autumn wind
So many things moved me
Where was the connection
This morning as I passed her Walking along the park
I realized the connection
Her fluid gait and straightaway stare
Like Salvador Dali
And the sidling leaves of autumn
Were inviting me
Into the ethereal world
Of the imagination...