The Dreamer Within

Suddenly you’re startled
From a bad dream
Pulled into consciousness
By Ariadnes string
A string that connects the intricate paths
Of the labyrinth that forms
Your past A past that's filled
With the darkness of a black
And gruesome beast the very beast
That blistered your sleep
A dream that boils
From the labyrinth that hides
The secret powers there that abide
Lost to time sequestered away
In your unconscious mind
In the quiet and still of your
Woven cocoon
That black and gruesome beast
Begins to move sending obscured
Thoughts and deluding images
To your mind
Until that prim little dwelling
That's called
Your conscious mind enters
the unsuspected maze lost to time
A maze of exotic desires and neurotic
Fears that linger stagnant but near...
A disease of ignorance until it has been shown
That the black and gruesome beast
That blistered your sleep
Comes to you in the
Darkness so docile
And meek With a shift in your
Consciousness as though transformed
The image of the beast
Becomes reborn The light
Within the darkness
Of the labyrinth
Maze shines with
The knowledge of those
Past forgotten days...