Andy P.

A Life Lived

A warm breeze cools my soaked body
A fly darting in an out of vision as it tries to sip my amber ale
Reflections off the water blind my sight
I try to hide beneath the ornamental pear treeís leaves
A tree disfigured, amputated limbs from blight
I wonder how I came to this place
So far from home

Off in the distance I hear a voice
I try to focus on this constant drone
I see a face a face I know

Distorted this face
I see the joy
I see the pain
A face long forgotten
Yet the same

I try to focus on this voice
Droning a continuous monotone
Briefly I catch a word
Think - Focus there is a point!

I start to drift about my thoughts
Friends I have forgotten share my beer

Sip dear fly
Sip my amber ale

Jim C.

And you so near, beyond sight
Just beyond the chirping
Of the mocking birdís song
Calling from across the water
Of remembrance -
So long ago

The song fills the space
Between two friends
Who have no answer
To the questions never asked
Yet they find solitude
In knowing the empty
Space is where
They belong

And the water
Laps at the