I was thinking about floating
A life of Buoyancy...
Isn't that what we are all
Looking for
To float with all things equal
No up or down
Just the calmness of balance
What is life
If it's not about floating
We strive for buoyancy
Between life and death
And find everything in between
We call it life
But isn't it a search
For buoyancy
I know I have been
At the bottom of buoyancy
Only to struggle back
To that middle ground
Often moving above buoyant
where everything
Is so beautiful and shining
That you never want to come down
And then the shock
Of over board
You fall hard
And the water is cold
And sobering
Could Floating be the state
Of pure happiness
When you are aware
That you are floating
Maybe buoyancy
Is our natural state
And complacency
Is our failure to recognize
Our own floating
Sometimes I like to let
A thought take me to its source
And floating seems
Like a nice thought
So I just shared it
With you...