Space and Time

The line spills into the gauzy dim doorway of a mid-town saloon,
like memories from an old hippie lost in a psychedelic fog...

Across the street near Fat's, a silver bus glistens like the fuselage of a 747
doubled parked at Metro Air, (glory be to Space and Time Leon!)

We fall in behind the sinuous line of middle-aged faces, and swear that we're
in the wrong line - Scott checks out the hookers...

Bric-a-brac Ann discusses rock n roll with her deaf mute sister - swing low
sweet chariot Chuck Berry's coming forth to carry you home...

Young girl - bric-a-brac's daughter gets in free, her boy friend is opening
bands drummer - licks his lips as he strokes his bass and hits the high hat,

Circus show of spastic contortions in perfect rhythm - smack me one time
before you go mister junkman...

Scott argues with deaf mute about niece - needs to be spanked and he's the
man for the job - niece smiles and I walk to the bar...

Hey mister bar man, can you change dead to gold? - I'll have a shot of Cuervo,
buds flat - Leon's double parked, and I'm sitting here with no place to go...

Lady Blue – throw me on your empty lacquered tray – pour me like a shot of
whiskey into your secret desires – bleed me like a Bloody Mary across the

Hardwood floor of shattered remembrance – spend me like a night of
gratuities, fast and carefree…

Tell me sorceress of distilled spirits - how long shall I remain this wavy
reflection in the bartender's mirror?

How long shall I remain - etched on this greasy glass of impermanence?