Today is such a beautiful day and I wonder
way I even wonder why - we have to - think
about death - it seems so far away - but
you know death is always right there;
no matter what you do - no matter what you
say, itís always there - it can come
at any moment, no matter what you do or
no matter what you say itís not going to
change any thing - when you die
youíre dead - your conscience leaves...
it seems youíre not going to find some
ancestor or whatever - your consciousness ends,
and everythingís over.
What we really need to understand is that
life we live in is something weíve being
project into by some mysteries force;
like a billiard ball somebody struck
and itís flying across the table and it hits
these other balls and each time it hits
the ball it deflects our ball into
another direction - we want to be an attorney,
so we hit this ball and boom - weíre off on a
different direction,
now we want to be - what ever - the bottom
line is when you die what is important
is how you feel - if your happy!
I donít need money -
I donít need adulation -
I donít need anything -
I need to know that I lived my life is what
I lived - this seems so simple - we get caught
up in society that says, ďyou must flow like a sea
weed from left to right from left to right,
what ever the current is flowing you need to flow
that way - which I donít understand - that whatís
usual is not normally normal - we have to decide who
we are and what we are and do that and feel
comfortable with who we are and be who we are
and not worry about what other people say - I live
my life - in a way that it seems - I donít know,
itís hard to explain - I know I have to live in
this world where we have all these weird things that
we created - where we all have to have a car,
a job, and be responsible - I understand that,
it just seems so odd people put other people down
if they donít believe in what they think is
the normal - why canít we just except people
who they are?

© 2000 Jim Cain